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  Friday morning I found myself in the middle of 800 other people, shuffling through a wide church auditorium for an empty chair. The eager fellowship was palpable–people who’d never met before vigorously shaking hands, hugging and swapping stories. I slipped in alone, and was sitting quietly twiddling a pen, but even in my own […]

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(I know I have some younger readers, so if you are under 13, please get your parent’s permission before reading the rest of this!) Hi there! I need help! I’ve entered a design in the Covenant Eyes infographic contest. It’s chosen by popular vote – 160 contestants narrowed down to 10, then another round of […]


I fiddle through blogs, and membership ads, and correspondences for the first half of the morning, brightly responding to emails, and printing the same sheet wrong three times… My mind swirls with new ideas, which generally steamroll with a productive spurt – creativity seems to fold upon itself and compound, and explode, so here I […]


Originally posted on Loving Dangerously:
Timothy was always getting sick, coming down with one infection or another. I couldn’t figure it out- did he have additional respiratory complications? Was it the low-weight issue? Or maybe, just maybe, he had a heart defect. In fact, there was a good chance that Timothy had heart disease; children…


Confession: When someone asks whether I date or court, I usually answer them based on my best guess about their religious, educational and social background. Are they a starry-eyed homeschooling teen craving advice? I’m courting. A disillusioned, angsty millennial wondering if I’m a sheltered Quaker? I’m definitely dating. For the record, I’m trying to wean […]


Sunday evening, a friend tossed a copy of Gerard Manley Hopkin’s, “I Wake and Feel The Fell of Dark, Not Day” across the coffee table to me (Warning: read at your own risk. It’s a ennui sucker-punch.) I’d read Hopkins, but forgot how deeply I loved him. Now I’m reading anything I can get my hands […]


  You should really check out Psalm 116 today… In the meantime, here’s some desktop and iPhone wallpaper to enjoy. Feel free to download and share, though I would appreciate the shoutout if you do :) 


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