Hi there! So, to explain some of the silence… I’m thrilled to unveil my art website,‘s redesign. To celebrate, I’d love to share some Scripture based wallpaper I recently created. 1. Give a shoutout, or share the link to on any social media platform. 2. Send a screenshot of your post to me at Voilà! I’ll send you a link […]

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Hey look! It’s another adoption post! From Marli? Really? Yes! My cheeks hurt from smiling after watching this… Our Little Uganda Adoption Story from Keary Cheney on Vimeo. P.S. And check out Teens Interceding for Orphans. You’ll be glad you did :)

Cause for Joy Vlog #1

I sat at the table staring down at the food I despised eating, just a measly portion that my starving stomach was desperately asking to be fed. But I couldn’t. The food contained calories, calories equaled fat, and fat was a place I didn’t want to go… I, like many girls in today’s culture, struggled […]


So, it’s February. Which means we have all officially dropped any New Year’s resolutions – or even New Years hopes – and settled comfortably back in to our routines. If you’re feeling discouraged about the goals you had for a fresh start in 2014, here are 25 simple ways to re-focus yourself – one for […]

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I•N•F•J   Definition \Introverted, iNntuitive, Feeling, Judging\ noun: a person who doubts that they are living up to their full potential. Derived from the Myers-Briggs. _______ Some people feel boxed in by personality tests. I felt freed. Wait – I’m not alone? Other people feel this way too? There are ways to grow and channel all this […]


I haven’t been able to find a source for this quote, but I’ve been so encouraged by it. I hope you are as well… Keep fighting.


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