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A Ugandan Adoption Story

Hey look! It’s another adoption post! From Marli? Really? Yes! My cheeks hurt from smiling after watching this… Our Little Uganda Adoption Story from Keary Cheney on Vimeo. P.S. And check out Teens Interceding for Orphans. You’ll be glad you did :)

Cause for Joy Vlog #1

The Dark Side of Marli Renee


Healing in Honesty

I sat at the table staring down at the food I despised eating, just a measly portion that my starving stomach was desperately asking to be fed. But I couldn’t. The food contained calories, calories equaled fat, and fat was a place I didn’t want to go… I, like many girls in today’s culture, struggled […]


Stay Focused

So, it’s February. Which means we have all officially dropped any New Year’s resolutions – or even New Years hopes – and settled comfortably back in to our routines. If you’re feeling discouraged about the goals you had for a fresh start in 2014, here are 25 simple ways to re-focus yourself – one for […]

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My Shadow…

I•N•F•J   Definition \Introverted, iNntuitive, Feeling, Judging\ noun: a person who doubts that they are living up to their full potential. Derived from the Myers-Briggs. _______ Some people feel boxed in by personality tests. I felt freed. Wait – I’m not alone? Other people feel this way too? There are ways to grow and channel all this […]


Chasing Christ…

I haven’t been able to find a source for this quote, but I’ve been so encouraged by it. I hope you are as well… Keep fighting.


The uncertain ground of feeling…

Read and be comforted, all who are tired and burdened. Our God gives rest… But I want to ask myself, am I really seeking the way into the presence of God by the Blood or by something else? What do I mean when I say, “by the Blood”? I mean simply that I recognize my […]


So I live in this earthy body…

Last night, I looked someone in the eyes and told them they were disgusting. I told them they could never change. I told them they were hopeless. I told them their lack of self-control was humiliating, and that they were ruining the gift God had given them. Worst of all, I said it without a […]


Fight Verse

Quick one today, but I just loved this and had to share it with you! Hope you enjoy the richness of our Father’s Word! Free hand drawn desktop and iPhone Scripture wallpaper… This one is my current wallpaper :)


A Short Defense of the Institution

This week, I read a blog post and my heart sank (no dear Rachel, I didn’t want to throw a stone… I wanted to make you a cup of tea and hug you, and cry with you). She asked for permission to not be a Christian anymore… Not to stop loving Jesus. Not to stop living […]


Me and My Roommate

Originally posted on Emily's Windowpane:
The adorable one on the right is my little sister (the picture is in black and white because  the lighting in our room is horrible). Both of us are holding a ball of yarn and crochet hooks. A rather normal state for two girls to be in, I suppose.…

Gracious Salvation…

This morning I was in 1 Peter, and I was so deeply struck by chapters 1:13-2:3, I had to share them with you. I hope they light a fire in your heart this week! So think clearly and exercise self-control. Look forward to the gracious salvation that will come to you when Jesus Christ is […]

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Joy in Taiwan

Hello there! So, I promise there is an excellent reason for my silence the last few weeks? One of those can’t-stop-smiling-thank-you-Jesus reasons. Please give me a moment to back up and explain… When I was nine-years old, I taped a school report onto our dining room wall. The area had been cleared for the school […]



A few months ago, I was wandering around a movie theatre waiting for a film to start. Usually, theatre posters can be a bit sketch. You know, the, “Oh, look at the unusual swirls on the carpet!” type of advertisements… But one poster caught my eye–and held it. I immediately pulled out my phone, snapped […]


A Spice of Ingenuity

I’ve been reading Boulevards of Paradise by F.W. Boreham, and had to share this little bit with you all! Hopefully it inspires you to Live Jesus in the spheres that God has given you.. even in the smallest, and most unconventional ways! If your heart is set on bringing men to Christ, you can always […]


Psalm 34

Busy week ahead, so short and sweet. Go read Psalm 34 today… And savor it.


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