Organization – Household Cleaning

One last post on organization!

If you are a single young lady, you may not be in charge of cleaning your entire house, but it’s good to be aware of what needs to be done. Especially for the of us helping mothers. Be proactive in understanding what needs to be done and how to do it. Leave no corner of home economics unturned. Seek the counsel of your mom. Strive to be her right-hand-man. You are involved in an internship that will change your life – it is important to know there things now, so that we are not overwhelmed by them when the time comes.

Since this is such a broad discussion, I thought I’d just post a few different things to give you a starting point. Hopefully they will also provide some exciting inspiration.

This first one is my favorite online discover this year – The Clean House print out from Life on Paper:

I love this list! Thorough and beautiful!

This checklist takes it to a whole new level! It may no longer be spring, but its takes the work out of planning deep cleans:

Last but not least – 25 Clever Ideas to Make Life Easier – This list may not be in the cleaning category, but its has some excellent around-the-house oorganization/cleaning tips.

Have you stumbled upon any good tips for cleaning?

How are you helping your home already? How do you wish to grow in this area?

P.S. This was a humorous bit a relative sent me on house cleaning:

Having heavily participated in the process the last ten years,  I have three general thoughts on the subject.

1)        Being a housewife is very, very, very (emphasis is intentional) hard work.

2)        When it comes to cleaning procrastinate as long as possible.

3)        If you don’t get away with #2, then I heartily recommend finding someone else to do the work.  (My role model is Tom Sawyer)


5 thoughts on “Organization – Household Cleaning

  1. Oh-ho-ho-ho! I love this so much! Charts are the BEST. This puts in mind that old “How to do the Dishes” chart that my Dad made and had laminated for us kids. I wonder where that is now? I remember the first step: “Change your attitude”… presupposing we were grouchy to begin with! I have to admit, my Dad knows us well!

  2. I love it Marli! I’m kind of weird in that I really enjoy organizing and cleaning our house. Looking at a room that I’ve just scoured from top to bottom or a hall closet that I just organized is a great feeling! Thank you so much for the wonderful ideas and charts! It makes it fun!

    Just a little tip:

    We often do a “20 minute pick-up” when the house is looking a little messy. Sometimes by just doing quick 20 min. things here and there we’re able to get a lot done because we’re racing the timer…it becomes a game! While this doesn’t accomplish any deep cleaning, it is a great way to get some simple straightening done. :)

    • Love this! Thank you. It can be so easy to let things pile up. Cleaning in small portions makes it less overwhelming. Especially if you do it to fun music… Pandora has a great Disney station ;)

      • Oh yes! Definitely! I just came home from and event and my brother was blasting 80’s music as he cleaned up the kitchen. :P

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